Monday, October 24, 2011

My big event PART 1

Lately people have not really been visiting my blog or commenting as much...Could it be because I have been holding out on you? Okay I have to admit it...

I got married! Here are the invites I never sent from Wedding Chicks  that are FREE!

I created them but didn't have time to send them because we knew everyone was coming and we had a million other things to do.

If you're more organized than me (which is not that hard, I  was once a professional organizer but when you work full know what I mean) check out the link on the right hand side of my blog FREE PRINTABLES and there are more goodies like monograms, save the dates and any occasion invites too. Visit regularly because more will be added whenever I find FREE PRINTABLES that catch my fancy.

We've been planning this wedding for a while but we just thought we couldn't even afford to have our two families over for a barbecue afterwards so we waited and waited but we finally did it!

I really want to dedicate a BIG THANK YOU to both of our families for supporting us. Therefore basically making it possible for us to wrap our heads around it and also providing music, food, drinks and bouquets for the wedding parties.

It think it must have been obvious with all of these events that I was posting while searching for inspiration.

Since this is a second marriage for both of us I didn't want to hurt our respective children and ex-spouses with all of our excitement so I didn't want to go on and on about it.

It was wonderful, subdued and sincere. We had both of our families there and my two best friends who helped me with all the Do-It-Yourself projects I had put on my plate. I ALWAYS bite off more than I can chew! ALWAYS! Literally and non-literally ha ha.

So now the reason for all of these revelations is... to share some of the projects WE did.

So the first one I'd like to share with you is our parting gifts.

First of all we met with our celebrant in May and he had some pictures of himself celebrating other events with his Rainbow Stole! Right away I spotted it and he offered to wear it. OF COURSE I said YES! and ran with this rainbow idea...

We found these Chinese takeaway boxes for the gifts. I bought 5 each in each color of the rainbow except orange because the boxes were too damaged so I replaced orange with hot pink and lined them up like a rainbow on the stairs to take on the way out but we forgot to take a picture of them all lined up they were so beautiful.

We inserted this cute little package.
Containing a Chinese wine glass with a thank you note on one side and instructions on the other for the Lotus tea as well as the lotus tea blossom ofcourse that's that funny brown thing.

Here was our other favor in the same box it's a perennial.

We used the little umbrellas to protect the plants when we wrapped them.

Here is the Lotus Tea once you pour hot water over it.

Isn't it Pretty?

We had to wait until the night before to wrap those plants we were so tired but aren't they cute.

 Well that's it for now... my other project was tin lanterns I'm working on that post and I've asked my friend who did our backdrop of giant white paper flowers to write a post as well as my sister to write a post sharing the cupcake recipe she made for the big event!

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