Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beautiful Sheds PART I

Shed: a small structure, either freestanding or attached to a larger structure, serving for storage or shelter. 


Where I live it snows and soon on our bikes, lawnmower and other odds and ends will be hidden accidents waiting to happen.

When my partner thinks of a shed he thinks of something simple and practical. Like this...

When I think of a shed I have all kinds of fantasies.

Photo from Christina Strutt's new book: "At Home with Country" and founder of lifestyle firm Cabbages and Roses 

  When I saw this hunting cabin on beach bungalow 8 I was so inspired by the possibilities.

Sandra Foster was featured in the New York Times for more just visit link provided.

Photography by Trevor Tondro

 She found this little hunting shed across the creek on her land in the Catskills and turned it into a "Shabby chic retreat".

Sandra replaced the logs for porch roof with columns and brackets. She installed wavy glass windows which I adore!

She did all the carpentry herself and has all sorts of hidden secrets like the stair above which hides an old drawer for storage.

The buffet was created by making hand made shelves and installing French doors from a yard sale.

White makes everything look fluffy and beautiful!

For more pictures visit link

Thank you for sharing this Beach Bungalow 8!


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