Monday, April 25, 2011


Rug Company ad

 I love love love mirrors.

Ada and Darcy
Especially venetian mirrors!

I love mirrored furniture too.

Nabucco wall coverings

I love to use mirrors for decoration.

A pretty mirror strategically placed bounces light around the room.

Black and Spiro posted this from Sarah Hicks Malone's Decor 8

If I see a mirror in the garbage no matter how ugly it is I take it because a mirror always has potential even if I have to take a hammer to it to create mosaics.

Or add something to it to decorate it.

 I even love antique mirrors with dark spots.


Mirrors always add glamour.

Tell me about your mirror love.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I thought I should write a few words to wish people "Happy Easter and Passover!" and I realised that this is autism awareness month and I didn't post anything about it. I just wanted to say that I am personally touched by autism so in honor of the autism awareness month I added a blog list of some of the best autism blogs that I know of (see left bottom). If you have any suggestions of other blogs that should be there please add link in your comment and I'll be sure to check them and add them as well...For Easter ideas I'm providing a link to my favorite one;  Confetti Egg Game from Jordan Ferry from her blog "Oh Happy Day"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am a fool for Antropologie!

Today I was reading the blogs I follow and Shannon Fricke's blog and she had posted these cozy little nooks from Anthropologie that I love...

One of her readers commented on the stack of newspapers in the corner stating that she "didn't know about those" and although I agreed that they would go into the recycling in my home... I think that maybe the messiness of the the advertisements for Anthropologie is what draws us in because they are cozy and lively. What do you think? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diamond Baratta

Diamond Baratta design's use of color is fantastic!


Sometimes it is even seems too extreme...

This is a little too much lime green for me but I love how crisp the white looks next to the lime green.

If you know what you like go for it.

Even if it's not for you there is almost always something you can be inspired by and and make your own.

What do you think?

If you're inspired I've mentionned D&B before you can check out the post.


This post is inspired by 1 Funky woman a fellow blogger who mentionned she will be re-doing her workspace soon. Check out her blog it's: "Where smiles beat frowns, crazy trumps stale and laughter is best LOUD!" I promise you that you'll enjoy her stories about her kids she reminds me of a modern Erma Bombeck!


 I love that Mademoiselle chair.

 Awesome to see more Black and Spiro inspiration visit Absolutely Beautiful Things and check out the amazing tutu desk in my previous post about Anna Spiro. 

Black and Spiro

 I love how any beautiful piece of fabric on a functional desk with some glass to hold it in place can be the focal point of the office.

Black and Spiro
I love this quirky studio!

I love this desk two people could work here!

I love the use of the jars .

I love jars for storage and they're pretty and useful. I'll have more about jars in another post coming soon but since this is about workspaces and I quilt here is an ingenious jar "sewing kit"

More useful recycling wooden crates look at these wooden crates turned into cool functional bookshelves.

I love this desk and the brilliant way the bulletin boards are framed!

I love the color and decorative features in this workspace!

If you're inspired by the trees and want to see a great studio check out mondocherry

Maybe everyone is spring cleaning because I saw another post on workspaces on Desire to Decorate. This gave me an idea! Do you have a cubicle workspace? Let's revolutionize our cubes! Pass this on to your friends and send me the pictures! I'll post them and the person with the most compliments on their photo will win a prize!

This is my favorite one! Take those books off the table and give me that desk and I'll work there! I love that space!!! I adore bold colors! I'm inspired and I hope I inspired you too.
Ada and Darcy