Monday, April 25, 2011


Rug Company ad

 I love love love mirrors.

Ada and Darcy
Especially venetian mirrors!

I love mirrored furniture too.

Nabucco wall coverings

I love to use mirrors for decoration.

A pretty mirror strategically placed bounces light around the room.

Black and Spiro posted this from Sarah Hicks Malone's Decor 8

If I see a mirror in the garbage no matter how ugly it is I take it because a mirror always has potential even if I have to take a hammer to it to create mosaics.

Or add something to it to decorate it.

 I even love antique mirrors with dark spots.


Mirrors always add glamour.

Tell me about your mirror love.


  1. I am obsessed with mirrors also. I wonder how many mirrors one can have in a room, lol.

    Love the pic of the bathroom and that wallpaper!

    Hope you can get that piece of art from Natalie!


  2. LOL! Just in my bedroom I have 3! They are discreetly placed so I don't have to see myself when I wouldn't want to. In my hallway I have 3 as well. I like 3's because there is a tension created between the objects.

    Yes it's beautiful I love it too! I love bold with black and white. My sister has a the same mirror in her bathroom and it's just as gorgeous up close.

    I hope you get your art from Natalie too.