Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I made a friend

wish you were here

You know when you write a blog all kinds of new people come into your life.

I'm still new at this so whenever someone I don't know "visits" my blog and has a nice comment on a post I did it is so exciting.

Kate Lewis Art

It's like making a new friend.

Kate Lewis Art
Kate made a comment on my blog and I have had the pleasure of discovering her art and being inspired by her posts and I like that!

Zoe Pawlak Canadian artist

The abstract art paintings that inspired you reminded me of another artist you may like to discover if you haven't already. I added a link to her blog under her painting above and thanks for making me discover "wish you were here". I love that Goethe saying she posted. It's always good to be reminded to go for it especially on you f*****th birthday.

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