Monday, March 21, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Thing's Anna Spiro my kind of designer!

I can't believe that I started blogging last fall and that I didn't mention this blog yet. Honestly I dare say that a big part of my inspiration to start blogging (the only blog I checked every day for months) was by this lady Anna Spiro and her blog which she calls Absolutely Beautiful Things Daily Inspiration Journal. INDEED! I love her white background and the pop of colors and patterns. What is so special about Anna is that her colors are BOLD. That's my favorite thing about her!  There is always a black and white element to each room which adds texture but she doesn't stop there she uses all kinds of bold patterns in art and fabric as well.

My heart beats faster when I look at how she puts a room together.

Her use of fabrics and fresh flowers is delightful and all her detailing draws you in.

When she unveiled her store everyone went crazy for the tutu desk and I went crazy for her window dressing. Look at the lampshades!


Tutu Desk!

Inspiration board beside tutu desk!

 I wish I lived in Brisbane just so I could go to Black & Spiro.


  1. OMGosh she is amazingly talented. I adore that tutu desk. How funny! In my daughter's room I took one of her tutus and put it around a table. I guess great mind's think alike, lol!

    I am trying to redo my work/inspiration area and just might have to do the tutu for that! Seriously fun!

    You are too cute for saying a modern day Erma Bombeck! I take that as a huge compliment. Thank you my dear!


  2. Thanks Megan (about Erma Bombeck) it is a huge compliment but all true! Really you're redoing your workspace, workspaces hmmmmmm... I am doing mine too maybe it is time to post some inspiration. Yeah!

  3. And yes great minds thing alike! I have also used skirts as lampshades and around desks and tables. That particular tutu desk is very impressive and Tutu material is expensive and hard to work with I made my daughter a few tutus and it was tough!

  4. Yes, I love her delicious designs! Happy to discover your blog today.