Friday, October 7, 2011


Last night when I got home my cute husband was in the kitchen singing and dancing while he made dinner, I didn't want to intrude so I stepped back out quietly to look at the flowers.

The first thing to greet me are always the flowers.

Around this time of year though, the pleasure is heightened because I don't have a lot of work to do in the garden anymore and I know that I won't be seeing them soon so I feel a little heartbroken at the loss and appreciate them that much more.

Now I love all my flowers.

But I especially love...


I'm crazy about Dahlias. 

They are nature's equivalent of a cheerleader pom pom and they make me as happy as if they were screaming GO V GO!

Do take the time to click on the picture and see it in it's original size.

Look at the fall sunlight in the background!

I lay down in the grass to take these shots.

The colors make me think of a Bollywood Movie!

This red and yellow ones are just towering over the rest everything does in that specific place in the garden.

Stay as long as you can hot pink dahlia.
All of these are annuals.

You too this one has a blueish purplish tint (click on the picture to see close up)
These two toned ones have so much personality.

Until next year deep red pom pom.

 Hopefully the last dahlia will come back because it's a bulb the only perennial and the only one to survive in a bag of 25!

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