Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weddings and things

I am planning a party so I have been looking up events and I am just finding the most gorgeous wedding pictures. So I decided to share because the color combinations are so beautiful and the original ideas can be applied to other things.

This is the cake in the movie called Rachel Getting Married the set decorators for this movie were amazing. The wedding scenes were gorgeous and inspiring and there was a lot to take away from the movie whether you're having a wedding or another event. The cake is phenomenal I just wonder was it edible or made out of cardboard?

I also found these bouquets...

I love the bromeliads in this bouquet.

and these bubble pictures

Here's another cake that I love

I found this rainbow wedding dress

and this pretty dress

and these pretty dresses and accessories for weddings or not

These outdoor festive looking dining

Finally last but not least check out Junk Gypsy Co.'s blog They did Miranda Lambert's wedding which is just full of ideas on why to keep your grandmother's old lamps and tables and what to do with all of those tin cans I've been waiting to "upcycle". This is the caravan they travel in I couldn't resist adding it because I LOVE it.

Here are my favorite pictures but for more go to blog link above

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