Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fairy Garden Competition

I got home so late last night that I had to bring in our fairy garden that we just completed last weekend to take pictures for the Fairy Garden Competition

This is the overall view of the garden

This is my favorite part.

My cute little stepdaughter made the house and the fancy four poster sea shell bed with flower canopy and fancy pillow as well as the squigley pipe cleaner plants

This homestead is linked to a private bathroom with this bridge

Our Fairies Welcome sign made with branches, bark, glitter glue and hot glue gun.

Here is a good view of the bathroom compete with lighting.

This is a note that "S" wrote to the fairies with another view of the bridge leading to the bathroom and if you look closely a little clothes line is behind the bridge so the fairies can do laundry but there are no clothes hanging today (it was raining).

The cute note basically says that she has always believed in them and that there is no need to worry we will not harm them so to enjoy the garden in peace and quiet and take full advantage of the amenities.

This is the bathtub we made with a sea shell hidden behind some thyme.

 The competition ends today but I recommend everyone who loves fairies make a fairy garden. It was an escape and a pleasure to work with my extremely enthusiastic adorable stepdaughter. We had fun and have plans for many more to come to see more incredible fairy gardens go here.

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  1. awwww!!
    Any man can lose his hat in a fairy-wind. ~Irish Saying