Friday, June 14, 2013

Purple Palace

Every summer the Mccord Museum closes a small street named Victoria between Sherbrooke St. O and President Kennedy Ave. and has benches and picnic tables, and art exhibit and events. 

This is my favorite place to meet my husband for lunch when we're at work so we are always thrilled when it's time for the street to close and look forward to the events and art we will find. 

Yesterday we brought our own lunch and it was a nice day so the street was really vibrant. There was free Tim Horton's coffee and there was a classical pianist playing piano outside.  

There was a food truck named Lucky's Truck who serves poutine with Duck and red wine sauce which is apparently delicious and if the crowd around it was any indication it must be good. 

To be honest this year the decor or art project leaves something to be desired though. In our experience over time things are added to the exhibit so I am hoping there is more to come.

I don't know if anything can replicate last year's Urban Forest which we dubbed the purple palace. I was so in love with that exhibit it was my definite favorite in the last three years we've been going. 

When I got back from lunch I just had to search through my cell phone hoping I took pictures last year so I could show you what I mean.


I don't often share my pictures because I find them so disappointing. I am not gifted in taking photos and I am hoping I will learn but in the meantime many times I have to ask my friends and daughter to take the pictures for me. It is just a mystery to me.

In this case I took them. Sorry in advance for the quality but I still think you'll get a good idea of what a relaxing place this was last summer. The street was carpeted in purple astro turf and there were these metallic trees lavender ribbons always flowing in the wind. Everything was pink and purple and white. It was just absolutely delightful.

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