Friday, August 17, 2012

The never ending treat tin.

While my daughter was on vacation in Maine she left me her car. It was a low traffic time here in Montreal so I took advantage of that and took the car into work which allowed me to leave a half an hour later and come back a half an hour earlier every day. I offered my friend who takes the bus in the morning at the same time as me to come along. It was a blast! Every morning we stopped to have coffee and delighted about what a nice break it was to sleep in a half an hour later and come back a half an hour earlier every day. At the end of our car trips my friend offered me these absolutely delicious cookies that looked like a macaron and involved white chocolate, lemon and pecans.


They came in the most adorable little heart shaped tin. My friend told me to make sure that my daughter got some cookies because it was thanks to her car that we had all those fun times. So I did even though those cookies were almost impossible to resist. I was glad that I did because when I did my daughter asked: "Do we have to give this tin back?" and I responded "I don't know what the protocol is for that?" and she said well it's so cute I wish we could keep it...and then she got an idea! She said why don't you make her a treat and put it in the tin and it will be the never ending Treat Tin! When I pitched the idea to my friend she thought it was brilliant so here's what I made her that last time she got her tin back. Rolo Cookies!!!

ROLO Cookie
 If you want the recipe just click on the link under picture it will take you to my Pinterest board for Cookies where you may find many more recipes you like and if you're not used to Pinterest yet if you click on the photo it will take you to the link with the recipe and if you are not a Pinterest obsessed boarder and that is just too complicated for you just click on word  recipe here. Enjoy!

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