Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday Music on Thursday because I couldn't wait.

The minute I first saw this video I couldn't wait to show it to you because this girl is the real thing! She always has a nice word to say and she is just so full of heart it amazes me. You can find her blog Keep Holding on Sweetie (smiles can hide-a-lot) here! She openly invites people struggling with suicide, cutting and depression to contact her and she means it. They do and she does what she can in terms of pointing them to the right resources or just sending them a kind word and continuing to post messages of hope. She is really impressive for a 16 year old girl.

Every time this video has passed on my dashboard on tumbl'r I reblog it and it passes alot it came out in January and has been passed along all over tumbl'r.. I find it so moving, I find her so brave. Madison puts herself out there to give us all a message of hope.  We love you Madi! Thank you

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