Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Something Happened...

It finally happened...

Sadly I was blocked and lost interest in posting for a while. I had just had such an amazing run of consistency and I was so happy and proud of myself but somewhere along the way I got stuck.

Many different things happened along the way to discourage me; I was overwhelmed at work, I am no longer able to download pics onto my computer at work and the interface changed at blogger which took some getting used to because I'm technologically challenged.

Then I had a week off so I thought I'll finally download pics at home and schedule some posts so I have a head start. When my week off finally came ALL my ambitious projects were moved aside for REST and RELAXATION. Of course I beat myself up about my blog, not seeing my friends, not painting my office and not re-arranging my office, not starting my etsy store and the list goes on for all the things I should have done. Until Friday when I finally spoke to my friend who is dealing with cancer. Her words have always had a lot of weight but when I was trying to arrange a date to take her a care package I made over my week off she said: What do you mean you did nothing all week? Spending time with your husband and children and going for bike rides is primary all the rest is secondary and: "Don't worry now that you have done all that it will give you the energy to do the rest." I really needed to be reminded of that. I am so grateful for my amazing friend (you know who you are).

I digress to get back to my writer's block I knew I would unblock someday but I was afraid that when it would happen that my posts would become something I did just so I wouldn't feel guilty. But gratefully "NO!" here I am again not because I have to but because I want to! Writing posts continues to make my life a little more bearable. *Sigh*

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