Thursday, May 17, 2012


You must be fluent in French to be able to read this article: "Qui Gagne Perd..." by Maryse Deraiche

I'm going to sum it up because it something that must be seen and I need to put these pictures in context. 

Basically Maryse Deraiche talks about her weight loss journey and and all of it's ups and downs and finally her decision to have gastric bypass. She says that now people look at her in a much kinder way than they did when she weighed 360lbs and they don't judge her but she says that her body is now a lie...

What you see clothed does not tell the whole truth about her and it may be deceiving. Nevertheless she remains extremely positive and grateful. I think she has alot of courage her story has haunted me ever since I read it which is why I wanted to share it.

To donate to Maryse Deraiche's re-construction please visit her website. The pictures and ideas are from her website and her collaborators;,,, and

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