Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art art I want you...BUMS

I found out about this work of art when a good friend of mine who moved to Australia several years ago came back to Canada for a visit this fall and showed me the picture above of her mirrored bum on her cell phone.

I couldn't stop thinking about it as you all know I love art! I've always thought that if I were an artist that I would be a sculptor and I do when she got back home and we started emailing each other again I told her that with the artist's permission I'd really like to put her bum on my blog and tell the story of this art exhibit "Smack of Bottoms" by the artist Lisa Smedley.

"Bottoms Up for the sake of Art" Northern Argus

 Lisa Smedley is part of SALA South Australian Living Artists who put on an art festival every August. Once a year this art collective have exhibits all over Southern Australia in different settings like cafe's, their yard, warehouses and more.

According to my friend there was a lot of buzz in the community of Burra this year with the idea of Lisa's work.

   It's not surprising! I would like her to come and do this in my backyard! We could all have a bottoms garden she could have started a trend!

Here is my friend Cozy's story about how her "Bottom" ended up "sparkling in the moonlight" in this exhibit : 

"Lisa told me that since she studied at university many moons ago that she had always had this idea of "bottoms".

I showed up in Burra to see our friends and Lisa told us of her idea. She had already cast her partners bottom, her grown up children's, her own and then coaxed me gently into agreeing. Thus my sister in law followed suit and then her mate made up the idea of the hand. When we didn't think the cast of her mate's hand worked we had to recast it using my hand in my living room!

You have to strip down and smear Vaseline all over your bottom and then Lisa prepares the casting stuff ummm forget what its called  and then in the privacy of her small cottage home all decorated with her various patchwork crafts and upholstered lounge chairs with very expensive fabric and art books and small knick knacks she spreads out plastic and then pulls out a square puff foot stool to lean over with posterior in the air...

Then she smacks on the plaster and covers your bottom...we then wait and try not to laugh too much and as it heats up the cast sets. She then slowly peels it off and saves it to then fill it with some kind of concrete or clay and then to decorates it at her artistic moments...

She said when doing mine that it glistened in the moonlight and that she felt like Rhodin when chiseling the hand cast to perfection...  One is my hand on my sister in law's bum and one is her mate's hand. Anyway Lisa put it together nicely with her son's help and her familys support... We felt intrigued and privileged...." All pictures in this post credited to Cozy unless otherwise indicated

Artist Lisa Smedley sitting in her work of art "Smack of Bottoms" in her Garden

At any time if you click on the photos you can see them in their original size.


  1. I really like the bum with the heart :D

    Reply: Oh I know I feel huge right now, even though I was even bigger with my son. And yeah all those pregnant ladies you see on tv.. Hmm, especially in the I didn't know I was pregnant show lol

    Have a wonderful day! ♥

  2. :D thanks! Me too. I know it's amazing how big we get I felt like I was having an alien. LOL! My alien is now 20! I still feel like it was yesterday. All of our children are above 12! Phew! We were happy to fall into those double digits. Have a wonderful day as well!