Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Art I want you...Roadsworth: FRAGILE

Music video for Tanya Davis' song Art by Andrea Dorfman

FRAGILE by Montreal artist Roadsworth in collaboration with Brian Armstrong

This is work of art was really stunning! Do go see more pictures at links provided under photo because you have to see the trees that are 5 floors tall. Saying that, I still have to mention that the photos do not do the work justice in terms of the impression you get when you see it in person.

First of all it is a massive ambitious temporary installation that was displayed over five floors of Montreal’s Eaton Center so just the size of it in person is really impressive.

The other benefit of seeing it in person is that you can go right up beside it and when you look at it close up you can see that this absolutely beautiful impressive installment really is garbage complete with dried up Pepsi and boot marks on cardboard.

It's a powerful commentary the colossal amounts of garbage we produce it really puts in perspective.

The very ambitious temporary installation was made from 100% recycled materials collected by the artists over eight months from Eaton Center merchants and visitors the fragile ecosystem is composed of 20,000 plastic bottles, 500 aluminum cans,  bubble wrap, thousands of hangers, paper cups, and hundreds of square meters of cardboard.

I love the idealism of this project and the social commentary what do you think?

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