Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simpler more minimalist

I have been searching for a plainer background to my blog. I haven't been successful yet. I just can't do it. I was thinking that ,maybe just maybe, my background needs to be more "MATURE" or something. I know I am almost "hem hem" fty(YES this is on purpose to confuse you)  something but I still can't resist cute things. Upon reflection and much frustration playing with templates I realised that this is just like the tug and pull I experience around my home. I love modern and simple with all the "victorian/shabby/fairytale/airy /vibrant colours and pastels"  to add my own style in the details but I end up with a mish mash of styles for two reasons. One of them being that I often can't afford to do what I want to do with the space or I just won't venture yet because I don't know how or have the time. Second I have alot of beautiful things that I adore and they are either too sentimental and I just can't get rid of them yet. To keep my rooms spare and airy I constantly have to be giving things away and one or more rooms end up being crammed with stuff that I haven't found a suitable home for yet. To illustrate here are a few pictures. I want a kitchen like this:

But end up with a kitchen like this still cute but more raggedy and cluttered.


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