Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Music...Sandy Denny and the Straubs

Cannot find the guitar chords for this but it's awesome and I love it.

I first discovered this song when "The Once" put it on their debut album and I heard a Canada Live podcast featuring them. I was sitting on the train for my commute home when this song came on. That moment is cemented in my brain because it's one of those moments where your senses are awakened and I felt like time stood still. 

At that time I thought it was their original song but when the once were featured again on another of my favorite Podcasts: "The Vinyl Cafe" I happened to be talking to a CBC retiree (pension administration that's my day job) who had heard it as well and he told me that I just had to look up Sandy Denny and the Straubs that they were the ones who had written that song. Well hope you enjoyed it too and click my link in bold above for my post about "The Once" along with their Leonard Cohen covers which are really worth listening to.

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