Thursday, September 27, 2012


When I moved into my house there was carpet. I worked evenings at that time and one night on my way home I realized that I actually didn't look forward to getting home because when I opened that door there was a sickly sweet smell that made my stomach turn. 

When I told my husband what I thought it smelled "like" we decided right there and then to rip out all the carpets. When we did we discovered that all we had was plywood floors. 

Which really discouraged my husband but I saw this as a great opportunity to play around with paints. We painted them white and it has worked out well and amazingly they are not that messy or that hard to clean but it is time for a change.

Recently I saw this great guest post on SF Girl By Bay by Vosgesparis featuring Plywood and had me wishing we would have kept them as they were. 

I love the beauty and simplicity of plywood as well as the price.

Petra Bindel
I love the wood effects here.

Emmas Designblog
 I adore how the look of plywood is softened here by a whitestain!

Petra Bindel

I love how it's used in the kitchen and echoes the marble.

What do you think?

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