Tuesday, June 12, 2012

House of Locations: four storey Georgian

I have been struggling to write posts in the past couple of months. It all started when I got a virus on my computer at work. I panicked and was afraid to even open my blog in fear that I would somehow infect it. I got really busy at work and in my garden and somehow when I had time to write I sort of ran out of inspiring things to say. 

I decided that it was okay for me to take a break for a while and just reconnect with what first inspired me to start a blog. I have been reading blogs for elevation of the spirit and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY found something that lifts my spirits enough to blog about it. Maybe now I can get back to being on a roll!

When I started this blog I made a decision to promote what I love and this four storey Georgian house on House of Locations decorated in a mix of shabby chic, Scandinavian and cottage style fits that requirement!

Isn't it so beautiful?

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