Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bed of Flowers

I wrote to Floriene Bosch host of the bed and breakfast Bed of Flowers in the Netherlands to ask if I could use her pictures for my blog and rant and rave about how absolutely gorgeous her decor is in her quaint bed and breakfast. She very kindly said yes so you're lucky because you are in for a treat! Floriene Bosch is very passionate about interior decorating she takes leaps of faith and it all works to create her own distinctive style. Her combination of daring colors and flower designs cements everything together in a whimsical way I SIMPLY ADORE!

 I love every single detail, every single color choice, the flowers, the flower paintings, the mix of rustic with modern fresh colors. Thank you Floriene for your inspiration and all pictures are credited to professional photographer John Dummer.

For more pictures or to book go here.

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