Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dominion Square Taverne

Yesterday night I met with my beautiful cousin and her fiance for a drink before she goes back to Ireland. She moved away eleven years ago and I've only see her twice since at Christmastime. We lived together and she was at my son's birth so we share a special bond. Sometimes it takes someone who is not living in the city to remind you or show you new and interesting things about your own city. She took me for " a posh drink at that posh place she went to with her friend" and I was absolutely ENCHANTED! 

Thank you Sarah I'll miss you!  

Everyone in Montreal who has not been here has to go at least once.  

It is so gorgeous it's like stepping into another time. Even the bathroom is interesting and clean!

Go to the website for more pictures: Dominion Square Tavern but this is a case of the place is even BETTER in person.

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