Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More inspiration for events...Part 1

I've been scouring parties and I keep finding these beautiful creative do it yourself paper art for any occasion.

Look at these Pinwheels and Snowflakes!

I love the homemade confetti and paper flowers lining the floor.
Love these banners so much fun.
There is so much more just follow the link here to Style me Pretty to see the buying guide, the spread with lots of colorful candy, the wedding party (all in white the only difference with the bride are the colored pantyhose) and all sorts of other pretty design details. Very sweet!

I found this gorgeous wedding on May Dae it is a rainbow wedding it is so beautiful and the young bride looks like some sort of sorceress she is so young and beautiful.

This is just absolutely gorgeous for more go here there are more links as well.

Here is another creative independent bride from Offbeat Bride

Anya's Wedding

Anya's deviant Art Blog

Wildberry Photography

 Here is a whimsical outdoor wedding inspired by kites.

I love this Arbor!

 For more stunning pictures go to Green Wedding Shoes

This wedding has these giant paper flowers that can be made for any reason at all. I love them!

For the tutorial go to 100 layer cake

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

I also like this links of love idea for a birthday party or something...

100 Layer Cake
What do you think of all this?

It's funny how blogs work one link leads to another and you just find yourself so inspired that you have to share. For me designing a kid's birthday party or a room or a wedding all has the potential to be really exciting especially with a lot of "do-it-yourself" projects.

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