Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brilliant days

Autumn Sky

Some days are just glorious.

In the train on my way to work

You don't know why everything feels so good there isn't anything special it is just a coincidence.

The sun is rising

You feel like nothing bothers you, you bump into an old friend and even though you don't have time to stop and talk and you haven't seen eachother in several years the good feelings are mutual and you feel uplifted.

Forgive the quality of these pictures I was in a moving train

The light is gorgeous the air is sweet, luscious and it smells good.

Going over the bridge

These days make all the other days that meld into one another worth it. Everything tingles and you feel lucky to be alive.

I feel that way alot in the fall because of the amazing skies there is something about the light in the fall which is like nothing else all year.

1 comment:

  1. Comfy photos.
    All those cozy feelings are why I love the autumn so much.
    Those and pumpkin muffins.. and soup... and tea... and big giant sweaters.